We can meet your software localization and internationalization needs with our wide-ranging expertise and know-how of language processing and IT.


To achieve great success in the world of software, it is essential to establish your product as the number-one de facto standard in its field. To achieve this goal, it is vital to develop and sell versions of your product in different languages, where UI resources such as menus and dialog boxes, and information for users such as help and manuals, are translated into respective languages. This is called localization.
We can offer comprehensive localization services, which include:

Use of translation software?

We do not depend on our translation software for this service, but we are planning to customize our software for localization. Feel free to consult us about your needs.

Our reputation

We enjoy a good reputation from our clients for linguistic and stylistic consistency with the help of some translation memory software and terminology management software. Some of the projects that we have undertaken include:


Internationalization is a process of converting software to be independent of language and locality. This should be done at an early stage of development to enable localization later. However, this process is not yet popular because of its high costs. Another option is to undertake internationalization at the same time as localization, and we can also offer you comprehensive help with this process. Feel free to consult us about your needs.

Basic Rates

project management / translation / proofing (English to Japanese) JP yen 3,000- (per hour)
engineering (overseas, English to Japanese) JP yen 4,500- (per hour)