Please feel free to contact us regarding the translation of various personal certificates required for visa acquisition, international marriage, and more.
Such documents include family registration, resident cards, birth certificates, etc.
Payment can be made by cash, bank transfer, PayPal, and credit card. Payment can also be made via electronic money (Suica, etc.), smartphone payment (PayPay, etc.) if you visit us.

Examples of Past Translations

  • For international marriage: family registration, resident cards, birth certificates
  • For visa acquisition: salary statements, bank account balance books
  • Real estate registration
  • Certificate of Transfer for Foreign Driver’s Licenses


Rates are calculated according to the target language, character/word count, the basic rate per character/word for the target language, and the contents of the translation.

A minimum amount of ¥8,000 (including tax) will be charged for smaller projects for which the quote is ¥8,000 or less.

Visit our automated cost estimate page for a quick, free quote.

Basic rates (excluding tax)

Japanese-English (family registration) ¥5,000 per page
Japanese-English (others) ¥12 per character (e.g., 400 characters would be ¥4,800 per page)
English-Japanese ¥20 per word (e.g., 200 words would be ¥4,000)
Proof of English Translation ¥1,000 per copy
Application for and notarization of translated documents ¥24,000

Click here for rates for other languages or English native checks only.