We use our many years of software development experience to provide services for the IT, medical, and other technical fields. We also work with native speakers living in the area to translate and develop webpages and pamphlets geared towards inbound foreign travelers. Whether it's a highly technical translation, a contract, or a general document, we provide high-quality services in a wide range of fields.

What is Translation?

Translation requires more than a good vocabulary. Specialized knowledge, the ability to logically comprehend a text’s contents, and the skill to convey those same contents in another language is also necessary. Translators and translation companies are required to gather information about an industry that is rapidly evolving and ensure that their accumulated knowledge is reflected accurately in the translation content.

Responding Appropriately to a Variety of Needs

The word translation has different levels of meaning. We can respond to our clients' needs, whether that is simply a request to understand a material's contents, using a catch phrase in an advertisement, a speedy translation, or stressing the importance of something like an official document, manual, or essay.
While manuals, patents, legal documents, and other such materials must be translated faithfully from their source text, care must be taken to ensure that writing appeals to readers (native speakers) in order to generate interest in tourist information and product services.
Our flexible translation services can meet your needs, budget, and purpose.

Tools Drive Quality Up and Costs Down

In addition to hiring highly skilled translators, MT Labs also makes use of scripts that will help ensure the vocabulary used in a document aligns with our clients’ requests so as to ensure the highest quality possible.
Furthermore, we have been able to create a work environment that enhances translation quality while lowering costs through the use of a specialized dictionary for that was developed in-house, our extensive software development experience, and more.
  • Utilizing experience and knowledge such as that of translation software development helps us offer high quality, low cost translations in technical fields.
  • Using in-house tools, specialized dictionaries, and Trados to ensure consistency among terms.
  • Providing estimates based on a precise standard unite price (click here for our rates).
  • Offering services in 12 different languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean.(Click here for a full list of languages for which we offer services.
  • We also offer consultation regarding reduced pricing for automatic translation and post editing.