April, 1992
MT Laboratories is founded and acquires exclusive rights to translation software from Bravice International Corp.
October, 1992
MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5" for DOS (Japanese-to-English translation software.)
March, 1994
MT Laboratories launches "Bravice Dictum E/J" for MS-DOS, Windows, and Macintosh (electronic English-Japanese dictionary that can be used simultaneously with other software.)
April, 1994
MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/J" for Unix (English-to-Japanese translation software, custom-built for Trans Link Inc. in the United States.)
October, 1994
MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5 for Medical Paper" for MS-DOS (comprising "Bravice J/E" and 40,000 medical terms and specific expressions, exclusively applicable for medical papers, which have the largest needs for Japanese-to-English translation.)
March, 1995
MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5" for Windows (enabling direct translation on Microsoft Word with a redesigned user interface to follow MS Windows conventions.)
December, 1995
MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E SASUGA" for Windows (offering quality translation at the very inexpensive price of yen 9800 ($80), enabling OLE, providing translation functionality to word processors such as Microsoft Word and Ichitaro, equipped with standard user interface as a desktop tool enabling translation process to start with a drag and drop.)
May, 1996
MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/K" for Windows 95 (an English-to-Korean translation tool, custom-built for CrossTech Inc. in Korea, the current prototype having a core dictionary with 10,000 words and being able to translate simple English sentences, the GUI being undeveloped.)
June, 1996
MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/C" for Windows 95 (an English-to-Chinese translation tool.)
February, 1997
MT Laboratories in joint development with A.I.Soft, launches Japanese-English translation software "Yakuse!! GOMA Ver. 1" for Windows 3.1/95.
July, 1998
MT Laboratories moves the head office from Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo to Matsumoto-Shi, Nagano Prefecture.
March, 2002
MT Laboratories launches bi-directional English-to-Japanese translation software "Yakuse!! GOMA Ver. 8" with new E/J translation module.
January, 2003
MT Laboratories starts software manual writing and HTML manual production (e.g. software manual for a major software company)
March, 2003
MT Laboratories starts information technology and tourism related translation service.
July, 2006
MT Labs begins translation of tourism websites and pamphlets.
August, 2006
SDL, the well-known company behind TRADOS, adopts MT Labs’ server-oriented translation software for English-Japanese and Japanese-English translation functions on its translation site.

January, 2009
MT Labs begins offering medical translation services.
November, 2011
MT Labs begins offering price-saving translation services.