Business Documents

We offer translation, proofreading, and editing services for internal documents like meeting materials and external documents such as company information, transaction documents, catalogs, pamphlets, and emails.
Rather than simply translating information from Japanese, conveying what overseas clients want to hear in an easy-to-understand manner is essential when doing business around the globe. We also offer revision services to original manuscripts to better appeal to target countries.
On the other hand, MT Labs can handle a variety of requests when translating overseas information into Japanese. Whether you want in-house documents translated at the minimum level required for understanding (translations prioritizing speed and low costs) or documents used for important meetings that require fluent Japanese expressions, we can deliver quality translations at an affordable price.

Rates for legal documents

Rates are calculated according to the target language, character/word count, the basic rate per character/word for the target language, and the contents of the translation. (Clients may also request the minimum rate for smaller projects.)
Visit our automated cost estimate page for a quick, free quote.

Basic rates (excluding tax)

Japanese-English ¥15.5 per character (e.g., 400 characters would be ¥6,200)
English-Japanese ¥26 per word (e.g., 200 words would be ¥5,200)
Click here for rates for other languages, English native checks (editing, proofreading, and more done by a native English speaker) only, translation-related DTP and other options.