Corporate Name

MT Laboratories, Inc.

What We Do

Translation: information technology related contents, patent claims, tourism related web pages, etc.
Web development and design/DTP of brochures and other print media


Head Office

Matsumoto Kura-no-machi Bldg. #403, 3-3-16 Chuo, Matsumoto, Nagano 390-0811, Japan

Contact Us

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Notice: We don't provide customer support for our products. Please contact our partner company, which is in charge of sales operations. The customer support for a series of Bravice's software has been finished, as it's more than ten years since its sales stopped and restarted under the name of "Yakuse!! GOMA."


Ten million yen

Board of Directors

Chairman of the Board
Akira Matsuo
Kazunori Nishimura
Chihiro Izumi
Akira Nagasawa

Date Founded

April 2, 1992


  • "Yakuse!! GOMA Bilingual" English-to-Japanese/Japanese-to-English translation software.
  • "Yakuse!! GOMA Professional Edition" English-to-Japanese/Japanese-to-English translation software.

Main Banks

Mizuho Bank, Matsumoto branch office
Hachijuni Bank, Matsumoto branch office