We use our many years of experience as an IT company to provide high-quality English, Korean, and Chinese translations.
We have a great deal of experience in translating manuals and websites related to things like general consumer application software, computer systems, and hardware, smartphones, mobile phones, hardware applications for tablet-like devices, factory automation (FA), business software such as medical equipment control, IDE, SDK, and other library software.

Why Our Translation Quality Is So High

  • Our translations are checked at all levels by staff with experience in software development and localization.
  • We ensure sentence and vocabulary consistency by using a translation software specialized dictionary, tools developed in-house, and Trados.
Leave the checking up to our staff who are well-versed in the linguistic and IT fields. We have accumulated a great deal of know-how about delivering a top -notch product over the years, and our staff who fully understand the content will be in charge of translation and proofreading. Localization consultation is also available.
We can guarantee consistency between terms and writing styles by using translation memory software like Trados. Furthermore, we can perform automatic, side by side, technical, and native checks in different stages with our own tools to find mistranslations or missing translations. Doing so makes our translations sound natural while remaining easy to read.

Examples of Past Translations

  • Windows Development Tools manual for a large software company in the USA (English > Japanese)
  • Engineering support homepage for a large software company in the USA (English > Japanese)
  • Large IT company’s software development and middleware manual (English > Japanese) and server hardware manual (Japanese > English)
  • Web help page for a large IT company (Japanese > English)
  • Server presentation materials for a large IT company (Japanese > English)
  • Tochigi Prefecture software and precision manufacturing company’s operation manual (Japanese > English)



Rates are calculated according to the target language, character/word count, the basic rate per character/word for the target language, and the contents of the translation.
Visit our automated cost estimate page for a quick, free quote.

Basic rates (excluding tax)

Japanese-English ¥14 per character (e.g., 400 characters would be ¥5,600)
English-Japanese ¥23 per word (e.g., 200 words would be ¥4,600)
In case of HTML and XML files An additional 5% is added to the above rate for HTML and XML files
For contracts Please visit the legal translation page.
Click here for rates for other languages, translation-related DTP, and other options.

Machine translation + post-edit

Click here (Japanese) for more information about our know-how in using machine translation to reduce costs, our past translations with machine translation and post-editing.


We can meet your software localization and internationalization needs with our wide-ranging expertise and know-how of language processing and IT.
To achieve great success in the world of software, it is essential to establish your product as the number-one de facto standard in its field. To achieve this goal, it is vital to develop and sell versions of your product in different languages, where UI resources such as menus and dialog boxes, and information for users such as help and manuals, are translated into respective languages. This is called localization.
We can offer comprehensive localization services, which include:
  • project management
  • translation and proofreading
  • terminology creation and management
  • linguistic and technical review
  • engineering; synchronization with changes in UI resources under development, translation implanted in source files and UI resource files, adjustment of dialog boxes and controls to fit translated texts
  • testing and debugging

Use of translation software?

We do not depend on our translation software for this service, but we are planning to customize our software for localization. Feel free to consult us about your needs.

Our reputation

We enjoy a good reputation from our clients for linguistic and stylistic consistency with the help of some translation memory software and terminology management software. Some of the projects that we have undertaken include:
  • Japanese version of a major US company's application development software
  • Versions in six European languages of a major Japanese company's print job management software


Internationalization is a process of converting software to be independent of language and locality. This should be done at an early stage of development to enable localization later. However, this process is not yet popular because of its high costs. Another option is to undertake internationalization at the same time as localization, and we can also offer you comprehensive help with this process. Feel free to consult us about your needs.

Basic Rates

Project management / translation / proofing (English to Japanese)
¥ 4,000- (per hour)