Translation Workflow

  • 1. Hearing/Cost Estimate
    MT Labs will consider the customer’s request, target language, and goals
  • 2. Place an Order
  • 3. Translation Preparation
    We’ll check the quality of existing translations and prepare a translation memory.
  • 4. Translation
    We’ll select translators most suited to the needs of your order.
  • 5. Automated Checks (For large requests or ongoing projects)
    Automated checks to confirm that translated terms, phrases, and other expressions are consistent with those in the glossary and style guide.
  • 6. Target Translation Checks
    A checker fluent in both the source and target languages will check to ensure translation accuracy and completeness.
  • 7. Technical Checks (For technical documents)
    A checker with detailed knowledge of the relevant fields and technical terms will check for translation accuracy.
  • 8. Grammar and Native Checks
    A native speaker of the target language (e.g., a Japanese person for Japanese translation requests) will check and edit translated works to sounds as natural as possible.
  • 9. DTP and HTML Formats (If needed)
    We can also deal with a variety of file types and formats such as Word, Illustrator, and Web. Final confirmation will be done via the final delivery following the creation of the layout.
  • 10. Delivery