Machine Translation - Translation Software

We have been engaged in the development of English-Chinese and English-Korean translation software, as well as in the commercialization of English-Japanese translation software, for twenty years since we took over from Bravice International Corp. who first commercialized translation software.
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Product for Personal Computer

A lineup of bi-directional English-Japanese translation software for PC "Yakuse!! GOMA" is now on sale.

Notice: We have not tested "Yakuse!! GOMA" in operating systems other than Japanese ones. And the user interface is in Japanese.

Product for Server

We enable you to translate documents automatically on your server without the risk of information leakage, by providing the translation functions of "Yakuse!! GOMA" to a Windows server, integrating the functions into various applications such as company intranets, web browsers, document retrieval systems, email software, etc.
One of our clients is a major computer company, using our software on their translation server for the whole company world-wide.
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