Corporate History

April, 1992

MT Laboratories is founded and acquires exclusive rights to translation software from Bravice International Corp.

October, 1992

MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5" for DOS (Japanese-to-English translation software.)

March, 1994

MT Laboratories launches "Bravice Dictum E/J" for MS-DOS, Windows, and Macintosh (electronic English-Japanese dictionary that can be used simultaneously with other software.)

April, 1994

MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/J" for Unix (English-to-Japanese translation software, custom-built for Trans Link Inc. in the United States.)

October, 1994

MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5 for Medical Paper" for MS-DOS (comprising "Bravice J/E" and 40,000 medical terms and specific expressions, exclusively applicable for medical papers, which have the largest needs for Japanese-to-English translation.)

March, 1995

MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E 5" for Windows (enabling direct translation on Microsoft Word with a redesigned user interface to follow MS Windows conventions.)

December, 1995

MT Laboratories launches "Bravice J/E SASUGA" for Windows (offering quality translation at the very inexpensive price of yen 9800 ($80), enabling OLE, providing translation functionality to word processors such as Microsoft Word and Ichitaro, equipped with standard user interface as a desktop tool enabling translation process to start with a drag and drop.)

May, 1996

MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/K" for Windows 95 (an English-to-Korean translation tool, custom-built for CrossTech Inc. in Korea, the current prototype having a core dictionary with 10,000 words and being able to translate simple English sentences, the GUI being undeveloped.)

June, 1996

MT Laboratories develops a prototype for "Bravice E/C" for Windows 95 (an English-to-Chinese translation tool.)

February, 1997

MT Laboratories in joint development with A.I.Soft, launches Japanese-English translation software "Yakuse!! GOMA Ver. 1" for Windows 3.1/95.

July, 1998

MT Laboratories moves the head office from Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo to Matsumoto-Shi, Nagano Prefecture.

March, 2002

MT Laboratories launches bi-directional English-to-Japanese translation software "Yakuse!! GOMA Ver. 8" with new E/J translation module.

January, 2003

MT Laboratories starts software manual writing and HTML manual production (e.g. software manual for a major software company)

March, 2003

MT Laboratories starts information technology and tourism related translation service.